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Urban Smart Projects engage local artists to create original (approved) artworks on street cabinets. An international literature review (ClearHorizon 2017) concluded that painting street cabinets not only delivers aesthetic outcomes but also builds healthy communities by fostering community pride, reducing crime and combatting graffiti. Commission a project in your city. Chat to us today.

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The estimated cost of graffiti to Australia is $2.7 billion each year (Keep Australia Beautiful). The good news: artworked street cabinets are rarely graffitied; 84% of artworks remain free of graffiti for six years (Artforce - An Empirical Report). In 2012, a Melbourne council reported that every cabinet artworked by Urban Smart Projects saved $3,000 per year in maintenance costs. How many graffitied street cabinets do you have in your city? How much could we save you? Or perhaps you simply want to create an outdoor art gallery that can be enjoyed everyday.

Urban Smart Projects deliver great value and great management. I recommend them and their initiative. Brilliant community project

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The Signal Box project has been really well received within the Hobart community. A wide range of people from young children through to professional artists have participated in the project.

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Best practice project management

Our end-to-end project management guarantees delivery of critical elements including safety, design approval, copyright protection, public liability insurance, quality paint and more. Urban Smart Projects has over a decade of experience and a zero-harm safety record. Removing all the guess work, we manage the often prohibitive administrative and logistical challenges of engaging community artists.

We’ll assist with:

Project definition and contract support
Design assessment via proven criteria
Safety and risk management
Copyright protection for artworks
Participant public liability insurance ($20M)
Local promotion and online display

Brighten your city

The solution is a city with distinctive precincts, coloured with unique street art. Good for business, good for families, good for everyone.

Prevent crime

Original art in neighbourhoods saves millions of dollars by reducing graffiti. Urban Smart Projects' initiative has been recognised in Australia’s Crime and Violence Prevention Awards.

Build community pride

Public art projects build a sense of pride and community ownership, empowering artists to make a lasting contribution to their neighbourhood.

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