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Culture is the personality of a city, the interest and the inspiration. Urban Smart Projects enriches cities site by site, brightening precincts, reducing graffiti, engaging communities and providing opportunities for creative input.

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Urban Smart Projects provide city authorities with a low cost, high-return model for engaging local creativity, delivering public artworks on street cabinets. Art brings streets to life while combatting graffiti and reducing costs. Find out how we deliver tangible, lasting results.

Projects for artists

Get your art onto the street. Painting a street cabinet is fun, challenging, rewarding, and an exciting way to grow your arts practice. Would you like to make a creative contribution to your neighbourhood?

Urban Smart Projects genuinely want to offer everyone the best opportunity to contribute positively to the community. The more boxes I paint, the more I realise that painting these boxes is not so much about making myself feel good, or even putting my art out into the world, it’s about the people in the area, who see the art everyday. The boxes are for them, to brighten their days. Every time I paint a box, I have mountains of people stop and talk to me. I’ve met other artists, parents who want to help encourage their kids to be creative, homeless people and people with addictions. Painting these boxes makes me feel like I can give something good to those people and it gives back to me too.

Peppa Piacun, Brisbane, QUEENSLAND

Urban Smart Projects are the best! They are very efficient, supportive, responsive and a pleasure to work with. The materials used, especially the paints, are of a very high quality and make the job much easier. At both a services and product level, everything works smoothly and without a hitch. People constantly comment on what a great initiative painting the traffic signal boxes is and that it adds so much life and fun to Brisbane. Overseas tourists often mention how much they would like to see this initiative rolled out in the cities they are from. Overall, it is a job well done by a professional and talented group of people at Urban Smart Projects. They are definitely making Brisbane a better and more attractive city to live in.

Brian Phillips, Brisbane, QUEENSLAND

I loved working with Urban Smart Projects, they were super helpful, communicative and understanding! The whole process worked well from start to finish. Public art should be accessible to everyone. I loved chatting to people who stopped to talk about my art, it was such a buzz.

Wendy Rix, Brisbane, QUEENSLAND

Painting on the street is exciting. Bringing art to the community is fun and important. Urban Smart Projects are organised, equipment is all I need, paint is great and having all approvals makes it easy. The people are very nice and made it a great experience.

Amaya Iturri, Melbourne, VICTORIA

Painting TSBs is a creative challenge and a great way to meet community. It’s a pleasure working with Urban Smart Projects, they are efficient, professional, supportive, positive and friendly. Painting cabinets is a fabulous way to promote your artwork and grow your career.

Debra Hood, Brisbane, QUEENSLAND

Painting TSBs launched my art career and now I’ve had over 100 exhibitions. Urban Smart Projects run a well orchestrated process. This is real public art; everyday people creating art for their city, non-judgemental & accessible, there are no other opportunities like this.

Martin Edge, Brisbane, QUEENSLAND

I had never done art in public and I really enjoyed talking to people that stopped by. I am happy with my artwork and have a sense of pride when I walk past and see it, even now. Urban Smart Projects provide a great Brisbane initiative and I love how everyone can contribute.

Samir Hamaiel, Brisbane, QUEENSLAND

For me, this was a big step into a creative industry and maybe towards my future job. It was a very easy process in which I could sign up, design and then create. The finished boxes turn boring traffic boxes into fantastic community artworks.

Dominique Hourigan, Brisbane, QUEENSLAND

I liked painting a TSB because it’s very fun and a good way to express your feelings. I like working with Urban Smart Projects because they organise the right amount of paint and they are very nice and fair. I like the awards night and seeing everyone’s creative TSB paintings.

Lara Coogan, Brisbane, QUEENSLAND


Urban Smart Projects acknowledge that no matter where we are across Australia, we are living and working on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and to Elders past, present and emerging. Australia Always Was and Always Will Be, Aboriginal land.