For over a decade Urban Smart Projects has specialised in delivering painted street cabinets.

We have worked in over twenty cities with three thousand artists and have managed the painting of original artworks on two thousand eight hundred and sixty three cabinets (and counting). Over the years we’ve re-examined and refined every aspect of our business to guarantee fluid project delivery.

Urban Smart Projects acts as a bridge between city authorities and artists, providing specialised expertise to both sides. For example; city authorities continue to do business with Urban Smart Projects: a company serious about accurate data and risk minimisation. For artists: flexibility, clear guidelines and regular communication are essential for strong working relationships. And everyone benefits from leading-edge technology so that project processes unfold easily.

Urban Smart Projects works with colourists and paint chemists to ensure that our supplied paints:

  • Are the best quality and beautiful to use
  • Are water based, have low VOCs and are safe for everyone
  • Have high quality pigment for durability and lasting brightness 
  • Can be mixed into any colour of the rainbow
  • Dry and cure quickly.

Any way you look at it, Urban Smart Projects are organisation specialists, delivering positive outcomes. We provide meaningful opportunities to locals, enrich neighbourhoods, enhance city streets as well as saving millions of dollars by reducing graffiti.