Martin King

Sometime in Ringwood

Martin King is a highly-regarded artist who has exhibited throughout Australia and overseas since the late seventies. Here, the signal box takes the form of a series of scrap books that contain historical documents and photos depicting several iterations of the Ringwood Clocktower and Metropolitan Fire Brigade. Many of the images are sourced from the artist’s family archives: his Grandfather and his Uncle were members of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Ringwood. In addition, his grandfather was the ‘Works Superintendent’ at Ringwood City Council and was involved in maintaining the Clocktower, including hand-winding the clock. Here King has created a visually arresting object that entices viewers to look closely. The choice to use photos from Ringwood’s history prompts viewers to reflect on the many transformations of Melbourne suburbs.
Photos by Andy Drewitt.

Box ID
Maroondah Highway & Wantirna Road, Ringwood QLD

The Maroondah Signal Box Program is an initiative of the Arts and Culture Team, Maroondah City Council managed in conjunction with Urban Smart Projects. Artworks installed in 2021 responded to the theme 'Celebrating Cultural Vibrancy'. Artworks from 2019 responded to the theme 'Anthropocene'. The Maroondah public art collection can be found online here: