Gillian Nix

Hello Snakes!

With a background in Fine Art from Edinburgh Art College in Scotland, Gillian Nix has been living in Maroondah since 2011 and has exhibited at local venues including ‘The Sitting Wombat Café’ in Croydon. This work originates from a love and respect of Australian wildlife with a particular focus on snakes. The artist describes how “walking around in summer always makes me look out for snakes and other curious creatures. Originally these individual images were hand carved lino prints.” Nix used digital media to edit the original lino prints into this format. “I hope the final work suggests the vibrancy and warmth of Australian summers and wonderful surprise wildlife encounters.”
Photos by Andy Drewitt.

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Main Street & Mt Dandenong Road, Croydon VIC

The Maroondah Signal Box Program is an initiative of the Arts and Culture Team, Maroondah City Council managed in conjunction with Urban Smart Projects. Artworks installed in 2022 responded to the theme 'A close-knit community'. in 2021 the theme was 'Celebrating Cultural Vibrancy' and in 2019 'Anthropocene'. The Maroondah public art collection can be found online here: