Artosaurus, Sara Lindsay + others

Artosaurus Picnic

A collaborative picnic party scene, depicting a variety of animals, critters & creatures, both make-believe and real. Plants and flowers surround the frolicking creatures, who all exist in a world of warm and calming autumnal tones. This artworks represents the energy and creativity of Artosaurus resident artists & mentors. We hope that it inspires kindness & positivity in the Hobart community.

Box ID
Harrington Street & Warwick Street, Hobart TAS
Additional Artists
Rosey Dean, Shania Griggs, Declan Lindsay, Rowan Sullivan, Sasha Ace, Multi-Coloured Madman, Jacob Collidge, Ella Clifford, Eloise Daintree

Signal Box Hobart is an initiative of City of Hobart managed by Urban Smart Projects.