Georgia Garry

Lichen of Lutruwita

My signal box design depicts some of the various forms of lichen and fungi that can be found throughout the Lutruwita environment. Lichen and fungi are incredibly diverse lifeforms - I wanted to showcase the unique shapes, forms and vibrant colours that can be found hidden throughout the landscape, often overlooked. Some of the species portrayed are: Trametes Versicolor, or Turkey Tail Fungi; Mycena Interrupta, or Pixie Parasol mushrooms; coral lichen AKA reindeer lichen; and various lichen species including foliose and crustose lichens, sunburst lichens and apothecia 'cup' lichens. My free time spent in the forested areas around Tasmania have allowed close observation of the species depicted here - I wanted to depict their fascinating and strange beauty.
There are two versions of the design attached - one with additional linework in the background layer, and one without.

Box ID
Davey Street & Southern Outlet, Hobart TAS

Signal Box Hobart is an initiative of City of Hobart managed by Urban Smart Projects.

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