Emma Skalicky

What is Something Beautiful You’ve Found in Hobart?

A collection of illustrations based on answers to the question, “what is something beautiful you’ve found in Hobart?” We had approximately 60 responses from residents across Hobart, and devised 27 simple illustrations to convey and summarise as many beautiful found things as possible. Answers ranged from emotions, to friends, to time of day, to memories, physical objects, and more!

Each coloured background will be painted to evoke a time of day, while illustrations will be painted in white/cream, with bold black outlines for visibility. The top of the signal box will feature the question (also painted, but in this file submitted as a font for ease of reading) - hopefully provoking passersby to consider their own responses!

Box ID
Barrack Street & Collins Street, Hobart TAS
Additional Artists
Bella Young

Signal Box Hobart is an initiative of City of Hobart managed by Urban Smart Projects.