Soraya Hosseini


This box is surrounded by a school, several shops, cafes and restaurants where you truly feel the meaning of community. The intersection was always alive and vibrant before Covid-19. At the time this painting was designed, social distancing measures were in place. All public spaces including cafes, restaurants and even schools were closed and people were discouraged from handshaking and hugging. This design aimed to bring back some vibrancy, joy and positivity to the area using the image of people holding hands, which is what we were yearning for. The back side of the box shows a sample of the food in the shops and cafes and touches on the variety of different communities present in the area. Food always brings people together and emphasizes the feeling of “Together” in this area.

Box ID
Warrigal Rd & Daw Rd, Runcorn QLD

Artforce is an initiative of Brisbane City Council managed by Urban Smart Projects.