Maxim Chikanchi


Jellyfish are a part of the Cnidaria phylum of the Animalia kingdom. Along with other species of the Cnidaria phylum, which include Corals, Jellyfish provide habitat for many juvenile fishes in areas where there are not many places to hide. They can also protect the small fish from being eaten by predators with their stinging cells.

@MCRT.Studio is teaming up with local families to create this artwork. The puropose of 'Cnidaria' is to work with local kids under the supervision of their parents to channel their energy into creativity and to beautify their locality with a graphic respesentation of a safe space.

Box ID
SC 6150-E
Sandgate Road & Henchman Street, Nundah QLD

Artwork on Energex cabinets is part of Brisbane City Council's Artforce project, managed by Urban Smart Projects.