Carla Gottgens

The Curiosity Cabinet

A curiosity cabinet holds artefacts and memorabilia from the past. This cabinet is a snap shot of many of the issues we are focussing on in 2019. Were we to look back upon it in fifty years’ time, many of these items will either be extinct, out of production, forgotten or reclaimed. The collection has a strong environmental focus; including a lump of coal, PET plastic bottle, electric car, and a ‘keep cup’. It includes motifs that reference the political: (Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter and Gay Pride); the social (a naked statue of Kim Kardashian created like a Roman Goddess); and modern gadgetry (VR goggles). The artwork is viewed from the front as though it is an actual cabinet, and the objects vary in size, encouraging viewers to stop, linger, peer into the cabinet and discover each item.

Box ID
Bedford Road & Warrandyte Road, Ringwood VIC

The Maroondah Signal Box Program is an initiative of the Arts and Culture Team, Maroondah City Council managed in conjunction with Urban Smart Projects. Artworks installed in 2022 responded to the theme 'A close-knit community'. in 2021 the theme was 'Celebrating Cultural Vibrancy' and in 2019 'Anthropocene'. The Maroondah public art collection can be found online here: