Elizabeth West


This work invites reflection on our relationship to materials and environments. Images of landscape and plastic are spliced together in a photo-montage, like a digital form of weaving. The material used to wrap everyday items now wraps an image of the landscape, as well as an urban form. At the point of intersection, things can become distorted and perspectives can shift. Lines incorporated into the design echo the familiar pedestrian crossing. This element is a reminder that we are all pedestrians of the Earth, no matter how we travel. Like crossing the road, we need more than ever to open our eyes. To focus on lines of sight to see through the distortions and complexity. To commit to cultivating sustainable practices. At the intersection we’re presented with an opportunity. We need to acknowledge and take responsibility, because we are wrapped up in this process together with our planet.

Box ID
Watirna Road & Pedestrain Crossing, Ringwood VIC

The Maroondah Signal Box Program is an initiative of the Arts and Culture Team, Maroondah City Council managed in conjunction with Urban Smart Projects. Artworks installed in 2022 responded to the theme 'A close-knit community'. in 2021 the theme was 'Celebrating Cultural Vibrancy' and in 2019 'Anthropocene'. The Maroondah public art collection can be found online here: https://www.maroondah.vic.gov.au/Explore/ArtsInMaroondah/Arts-things-to-see-and-do/Public-Art-in-Maroondah