Shahni Bidwell

Magic is Real-ity

This piece resonates with the feeling West End gives me and what I experience and see when I am here. People are open, colourful, welcoming, creative, and seem more in tune with themselves and who they are. The people here vary greatly, yet seem to find harmony and respect among one another.

The words chosen represent things for the individual and community to remember to have a healthy, happy and vibrant community. Especially when living in a city.

This piece translates the chaos and order of nature into energetic forms and acknowledges the duality in a positive way. That we are all beings of the now and to BE in every moment. That's where magic happens. In the now.

When seeing the box at first, inspirations of it being like a fridge/freezer became what design was first about. So there are nods to this being a very abstracted fridge, with musical, art, nature and food elements. Taking inspiration also from the West End markets being across the road, the school being so close with kids walking past throughout the week, the working adults walking past everyday in an area lacking colour and vibrancy (to remind them what's inside, to have fun in life and look at the bright side).

Box ID
Vulture Street & Montague Road, South Brisbane QLD

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