Rosemary Neal

Permaculture on the verge

The design incorporates the three permaculture ethics - care of the earth, care of people, and fair share - which underpin how to live sustainably in a closed-loop system. The two sides and back of the box display the twelve permaculture design principles. When we combine the 'how to' principles and innovative use of verge areas in the suburban landscape, we can find more productive ways to interact with others and the environment.

Addendum: The painting of this box commenced before COVID-19 impacted Australia and the experience of the pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for communities and connection in a our natural world. Permaculture is a wonderful road map that can help guide our post-COVID-19 future.

Box ID
SC 3066
Kanumbra Street & Stodart Street, Coorparoo QLD
Additional Artists
Lily Weir, Rosemary Neal

Artwork on Energex cabinets is part of Brisbane City Council's Artforce project, managed by Urban Smart Projects.

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