Lisa Kelly

Clarence Street

Clarence Street is part of the Mater Young Adult Health Centre, located in South Brisbane. It is a free, confidential service supporting young people to make positive changes to their alcohol and other drug use. Young people accessing the service met with artist Lisa Kelly over a series of workshops to design the Energex box that is located outside the centre. The young people identified key themes and symbols that connected them to Clarence Street and their local community. A significant symbol includes the Brisbane River that flows around the box to represent the different paths and journeys the young people experience.

The young people identified other aesthetic choices including the hot air balloons that represent the flags of different communities and the welcoming space that Clarence St has fostered. The balloons also represent the rise and fall of one’s personal journey. The artwork also features a well-lit safe house with an open door, and hands reaching out for support towards a shield that represents the safety and protection Clarence St has provided for so many young people. The young people designed scenes featuring a figure holding space (with arms wide open towards the sky) and a person reaching out to a young person who appears helpless. The hands and feet throughout the artwork represent that each person’s journey is unique and a reminder that Clarence Street is there to provide hope and support if needed.

Box ID
SC 853354
42 Clarence Street & , South Brisbane QLD
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Young people accessing services at Mater Young Adult Health Centre
Clarence Street