Jennifer Hovell

Wise old family fridge

This artwork is about unity, inclusion, and making fruit and vegetables fun for kids.

Rochedale has a history of farming and there is wonderful fresh produce nearby at Rochedale Markets where local families meet and shop. The box reminded us of a fridge so we created a colourful world of fruit and veggies within.

Each item in the fridge has its own character and activity - from strawberries in love, to grumpy celery that never quite fits, happy little mushrooms dancing in a circle, mischievous cherries trying to escape, a pun on onions crying of course, and many more).

Rochedale State School is located behind the box, its students come from many different cultures which is represented through postcards and magnets on the freezer door. The school had a memorable peacock for many years, Andrew, who features on a post card.

Primary and secondary colours on the sides of the box represent kid's development - the kids that helped create this artwork span across both. Characters designed by Troy Tout (8).

Box ID
Rochedale Rd & Miles Platting Rd, Rochedale QLD
Additional Artists
Thais Tout, Troy Tout, Nicolas Tout, Karl Tout, Wendy Hovell, Nicolas Hovell

Artforce is an initiative of Brisbane City Council managed by Urban Smart Projects.

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