Jo Lias

"Waiting at the pedestrian crossing."

The idea behind the artwork for this box came about because Wil my youngest son aged 8, and I wanted to do a box together. We went and had a look at the box in Carina and saw lots of people walking around and using the pedestrian crossing. There were planes and birds fly over regularly. We enjoy people watching and thought we would like to make up some random people going about everyday activities while waiting at the pedestrian crossing in Carina. We decided that Wil would design the box in his kids style drawing and that I would paint it and have it as a combined artwork where we have used our own styles and then work them together. Wil drew many sketches of people and we chose the best ones and put them together on the rough. There were people walking a dogs, a kid eating an apple, a business man waiting to catch a bus with his coffee cup in hand, a nana aged backpacker, a mum and kids, a teenaged boy, a plane and a bird. Over a few days we got stuck into painting, Wil painted most of the background and base block and painted the detailed bits.

Box ID
Old Cleveland Rd (Pedestrian Crossing) & Near Mayfield St, Carina QLD
Additional Artists
Wil Lias (8)

Artforce is an initiative of Brisbane City Council managed by Urban Smart Projects.

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