Jennifer Heathwood

Minnippi Monsters

Catzilla (cat X Godzilla) VS Sausage Dog, with Mt Fuji background. Minnippi feral deer but also reminder of sacred deer from Nara, Japan . Giant jellyfish ruining fishing industry in Japan. Cute starfish causing damage in Australian waters. Lots of colour and cuteness with characters like sea anemones, octopus, bunnies and made up creatures with cute faces.
Traffic box located near to Minnippi Parklands.
Inspiration from recent visit to Japan. My imagined mythology when Japan meets Minnippi.
All my own original characters inspired by Japanese cute cartoon style.
I have a small pet Dachshund who thinks he's the king of Minnippi Parklands.

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Creek Rd & Pickwick St, Cannon Hill QLD

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