25 September 2017 New Artforce participation rules, award categories and dates.

Due to the popularity of the Brisbane City Council Artforce project some new rules have been implemented in an effort to provide opportunities for everyone wanting to be involved. To be eligible to participate in the Brisbane City Council Artforce project you: 

  • must reside within the Brisbane City Council area;
  • cannot be an executive officer or employee of Brisbane City Council; and
  • are only permitted to paint a traffic signal box every second year (or every four years for Energex Padmount Transformers).

Please also note that a new Artforce Award category of Best Adult artwork has been introduced and the annual Award event will now be held in July/August. Artworks completed during the period 14 Dec 2016 to 30 June 2018 will be eligible for the 2017 Artforce Awards.