Brett Cravaliat

Skilful Sailor

This box in Chelmer is on a slope and surrounded by gorgeously thick agaves, so the box itself looks like it is rising out of green waves. In the artwork a ship is lifting from the agaves under grey stormy skies. The grey sky background has extra curves of grey to match the waves you'd see on an ocean and create a motion feeling.

My favourite quote "Calm Seas don't make Skilful Sailors" curves above the ships bow as it breaks out of the waves. On the final side of the box is a flying fish sea monster using the power from the waves to launch itself into the air, with another quote "Harness the Storm to help you soar" written in blue around him.

Box ID
Honour Ave & Regatta St, Chelmer QLD

Artforce is an initiative of Brisbane City Council managed by Urban Smart Projects.