Toby & Hayley Hall

Active Parklands

We like to visit Robbie Williams Sport and Rec Reserve because there is always something to do. We like the exercise equipment and the flying fox. There is lots of room to run and kick a ball. Robbie Williams was the first Indigenous Brisbane City Councillor, elected in 2007. The Ron Hall Oval is named after our grandfather who helped juniors to learn to play cricket. Toby likes all sports and plays Aussie rules, athletics, swimming and basketball. We love going to watch the cricket as well. Hayley likes all the trees and bushland and nature. We like bright colours. Our Nan, Frances Rowland Wregg, is an artist and she helped us to paint this box. It was hard work but fun.

Box ID
Boundary Road & Whiteshill Reserve, Camp Hill QLD
Additional Artists
Frances Rowland Wregg

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