Nicole Murray

Mythologies of Caxton Street

Caxton Street is a place of celebration of cultures, and in this artwork I have included the horse, lion and koala, representing the three major teams who play at the nearby Suncorp Stadium. The tree of life in celtic knotwork is for the years of Irish traditional music played in the pub at the top end of Caxton Street, and the flowing water is for the Ithaca Pool at the low end of the street, and the floods which define Brisbane. Caxton Street was apparently named after the printer William Caxton, so his printers mark appears, with a background of the far off horizon of the scenic rim mountains.

Box ID
SC 690633
66 Caxton Street & near Chapel Street, Paddington QLD
Additional Artists
Amy Richardson

Artwork on Energex cabinets is part of Brisbane City Council's Artforce project, managed by Urban Smart Projects.