Hillary Wall

Royal Flush

This piece celebrates the location of our traffic box- right across the way from the Treasury Casino. We've reimagined a deck of playing cards to feature some influential and recognisable artists, our very own creative 'royal flush'. Frida Kahlo is represented as the queen of hearts, based on her ability to share her raw emotion, experiences and inner thoughts through her artworks. Salvador Dali is our joker, because of his playful, surreal take on his reality, where nothing was impossible or strange. Van Gogh reigns as the king of hearts, because of his knack for expressing movement in landscape and still life through texture, and serving as an inspiration in the impressionistic form of painting. We've bound our flush together and topped off the traffic box with a vintage inspired take on a deck of card's packaging cardboard box.

Box ID
Charlotte St & George St, Brisbane QLD
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Cork & Chroma artist team
Cork & Chroma

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