Cathy McAuliffe

Secrets of Sandy Bay

The Tale
Governor King hinted at the closure of Norfolk Island, softening to requesting volunteers to settle VDL, but only 5 family's did so, King responded, sending 500 people between 1807-1808.
Virgin soil, low stores, and poor tools awaited them, their descendants would be the beneficiaries of their toil. The settlers legacy can be traced by the seeds they brought with them, notably the Hawthorne Hedges and towering Norfolk Island Pines.

The Sentiment
"We have grown weary of the Governor, shoving us about the South Pacific, forcing our lot upon us, tearing us from the home we forged. Now, with aging bodies, meagre strength and diminished enthusiasm, we now work unfavourable ground. We suffered financial loss,and demand compensation. O must we start over again.

Box ID
Sandy Bay Road & King Street, Sandy Bay TAS

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