Eufalia Cristina Paz de Almeida

Music Box

The concept of the Music Box is to relate music to Brisbane’s CBD landscape. As the traffic box is located at the corner of Ann Street and Gotha Street, Fortitude Valley, I intend to explore the musical/nightlife aspect of this iconic suburb in contrast with the CBD landscape and its buildings, incorporating musical instrument shapes and forms within the project, such as piano, guitar and drums. The intention is to leave an open interpretation approach for the viewer when he/she looks at the traffic box, either coming from the Valley towards the CBD, with the figure suggesting the city landscape or the keyboard of a piano, or coming from the CBD towards the Valley, seeing the musical side of it, with the guitars and drums facing who walks that direction. The sides of the Music Box complement the figure, giving it the full idea of a whole cityscape.

Box ID
Ann St & Gotha St, Fortitude Valley QLD

Artforce is an initiative of Brisbane City Council managed by Urban Smart Projects.