Traffic Art around Manningham VIC

Welcome to Manningham people (especially those who attended the huge Graffiti Forum) who have heard the news about the fabulous Traffic Art project and how very cool it is to paint your own traffic signal box (TSB). We look forward to having YOUR involvement!!! Currently there are no TSBs available but there will be soon! People have either completed a TSB or are finishing off the first 20 sites; click here to view the Traffic Art artworks that have been completed so far. There will be more sites coming online in the next few weeks. Once they come online you will be able to allocate a TSB to yourself after  registering on our website. Check the "Paint a Box" menu page and when Manningham shows on the map, with those little green boxes, there are TSBs available. In the meantime follow us on Facebook by "liking' us or email us at We can send you a design template for your TSB artwork so you can get working!

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