Signal Box Emergency Faults Number

As they are important safety features of our roads, traffic signal boxes routinely have large bright yellow “Faults” notices adhered to a prominent face of the cabinet. The size of these stickers varies from city to city. It has been noted that the stickers take away from the available space for artwork, but we can't have artwork without traffic signal boxes and we can't have traffic signal boxes without road safety.

These signs vary in size from city to city. Have a look on our Gallery page to see all TSB artworks working around these safety signs.

To assist Signal Box, DIER have removed the stickers from TSBs so that artists do not have to paint around them. Artists have been instructed to leave a space of a certain dimension in their design, so that small stickers could be retro - applied to the cabinets after the artwork was completed. However Signal Box artists have responded to the extra available space by filling the entire space of the TSB with artwork. When DIER later applied the sticker as arranged, viewers have been offended by the yellow sticker on the artwork.
The solution proposed is for Urban Smart Projects to provide artists with a stencil of the Traffic Signal Fault safety phone number. Artists are again asked to leave a space free for this when designing, but now the design template actually shows the required text. Artists are asked to paint safety information using the supplied stencil in black paint when completing the artwork. Stencils are going to be applied to the already completed Signal Box artworks within the next few weeks.

This is a new idea and here at Urban Smart Projects, we hope it is a big success!

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