Painting Over the Holiday Period?

It is a great idea to take time over the Christmas holidays to paint your traffic signal box. Here are the relevant dates and of course you are most welcome to plan further ahead to help us with the last minute schedule if possible:

Last Equipment Packs for this calendar year will be sent out on the 14 December. To meet this date your design would need to be in by Monday 5th Dec and your Agreement returned by Monday 12th Dec.




Artforce 2011 Award Winners Announced Last Night

A lovely evening was had by all at the Tribal Theatre on George Street, celebrating the 2011 Artforce Awards. Congratulations and thanks are due to all talented Artforce 2011 participants in this remarkable Brisbane City Council initiative, strengthening community networks and enhancing the streets of Brisbane.

Winners announced include:

OVERALL WINNER - Frances Roland Wregg for her artwork - “John Milton - Poet and Philsopher” on B0080 on Milton Road, AUCHENFLOWER. Check out the detail!

JOINT RUNNERS UP - Shaun Campbell with "Cheers" on B0346 on Brunswick Street in FORTITUDE VALLEY AND Guido van Helten with "Monkey Business" providing an amusing look at night life behvaiour on B0054 also in the Valley.

BEST UNDER 12 - Lara Coogan with "Fish Creek" on the Fish Creek TSB on Settlement Road, THE GAP

BEST ORGANISATION - Martin Edge for Autism QLD with "A Day in the Park" on B0155 on Brunswick and Methyr NEW FARM depicting the beautful icons of New Farm Park.

BEST RECONCILIATION -  Sun Lau, Sau Wong and Ki Lau with "Democracy for All" on McCullough Street, MacGregor

BEST MAIN ROADS - Mark Robinson with "The Emperors Headress" and "First Sightings".

Deadline for 2011 Brisbane City Council Artforce Awards

The 2011 Brisbane City Council Artforce Awards will be held on Monday 21 November at 6pm at the Tribal Theatre in George Street . To be eligible for this years Awards you must have finished painting your approved design, submitted photos, completed feedback and returned your Equipment Pack by 31 October 2011.

We're particularly seeking nominations for the following categories:

 - Under 12 ($200)

 - Under 18 ($250)

 - Best School ($200)

 - Best Organisation ($200)

 - Best Indigenous Artist ($500)

 - Best Reconciliation Artwork ($500)

We look forward to working with you to help you meet this deadline and to having an incredibly diverse range of TSB artworks on the streets of Brisbane.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Traffic Art around Manningham VIC

Welcome to Manningham people (especially those who attended the huge Graffiti Forum) who have heard the news about the fabulous Traffic Art project and how very cool it is to paint your own traffic signal box (TSB). We look forward to having YOUR involvement!!! Currently there are no TSBs available but there will be soon! People have either completed a TSB or are finishing off the first 20 sites; click here to view the Traffic Art artworks that have been completed so far. There will be more sites coming online in the next few weeks. Once they come online you will be able to allocate a TSB to yourself after  registering on our website. Check the "Paint a Box" menu page and when Manningham shows on the map, with those little green boxes, there are TSBs available. In the meantime follow us on Facebook by "liking' us or email us at We can send you a design template for your TSB artwork so you can get working!

Signal Box Emergency Faults Number

As they are important safety features of our roads, traffic signal boxes routinely have large bright yellow “Faults” notices adhered to a prominent face of the cabinet. The size of these stickers varies from city to city. It has been noted that the stickers take away from the available space for artwork, but we can't have artwork without traffic signal boxes and we can't have traffic signal boxes without road safety.

These signs vary in size from city to city. Have a look on our Gallery page to see all TSB artworks working around these safety signs.

To assist Signal Box, DIER have removed the stickers from TSBs so that artists do not have to paint around them. Artists have been instructed to leave a space of a certain dimension in their design, so that small stickers could be retro - applied to the cabinets after the artwork was completed. However Signal Box artists have responded to the extra available space by filling the entire space of the TSB with artwork. When DIER later applied the sticker as arranged, viewers have been offended by the yellow sticker on the artwork.
The solution proposed is for Urban Smart Projects to provide artists with a stencil of the Traffic Signal Fault safety phone number. Artists are again asked to leave a space free for this when designing, but now the design template actually shows the required text. Artists are asked to paint safety information using the supplied stencil in black paint when completing the artwork. Stencils are going to be applied to the already completed Signal Box artworks within the next few weeks.

This is a new idea and here at Urban Smart Projects, we hope it is a big success!

Manningham Leader article - 26 Jan 2011

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