Urban Smart Projects in London

Urban Smart Projects is delighted to announce the commencement of an international project - the "EC1 is Special Street Cabinet Painting Project" in inner London.


This is the first project of its kind in London and is being commissioned for New Deal for Communities EC1. The project will see local organisations, paint original approved artwork on around 20 of the Virgin Media street cabinets around EC1. The artworks generated by the project will celebrate the vibrant EC1 community and explore why EC1 is special. Local schools, youth organisations and artists have been invited to participate and will be supported through the project.


The “EC1 is Special – Street Cabinet Painting Project” will provide a celebration on the streets of EC1 marking the completion of the EC1, New Deal for Communities program, working in the area since the year 2000.


Urban Smart Projects - making cities brighter from Hobart to London.

SIGNAL BOX - Hobart starts today!!

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