Painted TSBs better than the Eifell Tower!!

Painted TSBs better than the Eifell Tower!!

"I live near the Eiffel Tower and I see it everyday, but it now does little for me. When I come here I see beautiful and different art on every corner - I like that better."

Quote from a Parisian man visiting Brisbane. He stopped and expressed his opinion to Tim & Judy Sharp while they were painting the latest Leaserbeak man TSB in Adelaide & Edward Street, Brisane.

Our new website has launched!

WOW! The huge news is that you are on our new website. If you have spoken to us in the last 12 months you will have heard of our imminent new website.

The task may not have taken so long if we had not wanted a one-stop shop to paint a TSB. If we had found Big Fish TV earlier then it also wouldn’t have taken so long. They have been fabulous!

We hope you will find that it is great to be able to request TSB allocations, upload designs, download Agreements and get everything organized for your big paint job on line.

The GALLERY is our favourite place on the site where you can check out all the TSBs that have been painted since 2004 (over 2,000).

Please drop us a line and let us know what you think.

Sunshine Coast TSBs Cover Story

Sunshine Coast artists have joined a massive public campaign to change the way we look at the humble traffic signal box and the results really can stop traffic. If you have stopped at the traffic lights and seen a dancing fish, bikini babes or a green pea boat, you have no doubt noticed the artwork that adorns traffic signal boxes (TSBs) stretching from Caloundra to Coolum. An initiative run by Urban Smart Projects, the concept of painting boxes originated 10 years ago in Brisbane as an inexpensive and creative way of tackling the spread of graffiti.

Download the full Noosa Journal Article here

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