1. Choose ARTIST LOGIN from the home page. If you have never painted a BOX with us before please click on 'register now'. If you have painted with us before enter your email address and password to login to your personal 'dashboard.

2. Under the heading BOXES IN PROGRESS click on the link PAINT A BOX NOW. You are then taken to the PAINT A BOX page where you can view a list of boxes that are available to paint. If there is a box available in your area, select the one you'd like to paint by clicking on the 'Request link'.

3. Once you requested a BOX, you can download the Artist Agreement and safety information for detailed information about the project (please note that the Agreement does not include the signature page at this stage). Please also confirm your ocntact details and complete the induction.

4. Once the three steps at the DETAILS stage have been successfully completed you will be moved on to the DESIGN stage wher you will be able to download a design template. Create full colour designs of exactly what you want to paint on the BOX and upload your design. Enter a Title for your design and also a Description (about 30 words). At this point you can also specify ‘additional artists’ - if anyone else is helping you paint the BOX please list their name here.

5. Urban Smart Projects will advise you whether your design has been approved.

6. Once approved, you will be asked to specify the dates that you’d like to paint the BOX. Your painting start date will need to be within two months of your design being approved and once you start painting you have four weeks to complete your artwork (assuming weather conditions are good during this period). Once you have nominated your painting dates, download the Artist Agreement, read carefully and sign the last page. You can either scan in your signed agreement and upload it to the website or fax/post it to us.

7. Once your agreement has been processed you will then receive notification of the date your Equipment Pack will be delivered and be able to download your ‘Authority to Paint Notice’. Please have this notice with you when you are painting the BOX. The notice will confirm the details of the BOX you are painting, your approved painting dates and details of where and when your Equipment Pack will be delivered.

8. A courier will deliver your Equipment Pack to a specific address. You’ll find everything you need to paint the BOX in the Equipment Pack (including safety gear and quality paint) except for paintbrushes, water for cleaning up and other cleaning products you may need to clean the BOX before you start. Please ensure you read the Information Sheet in the Pack before you go to the BOX to commence painting. Please also read the sheet titled How to Photograph Your BOX.

9. This is the fun bit - painting the BOX! BOXES are almost always located at busy intersections so you must follow the safety procdures. You may need to paint your BOX over multiple sessions, making sure you pack up carefully after each session (including removing the keyhole and ID plate protectors). When you are finished your artwork take photographs as directed.

10. Once you have completed painting the BOX please prepare your Equipment Pack for return ensuring the paint pot lids are on securly and no mixing palettes with paint are left in the Pack . Ensure that everything is enclosed in the Pack and secure the lid with tape. Leave in the nominated safe place for pick up by the courier. When the Pack is ready for the courier to collect please log-in to your dashboard and click on "return Equipment Pack". You may be requested to print and attach a courier label to the top of the Pack. The prompt return of Equipment Packs is greatly appreciated, the Packs can then be restocked and sent out to other participants.

11. Lastly from your dashboard you need to upload photos of your completed BOX and submit feedback. Once all of these steps have been completed the photos of your painted BOX will be published to the website. You will also find links in your dashboard to publish your photos to your own facebook or twitter page.

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