How do I mix purple? How to use warm and cool primary colours to get the truest tertiary colours. Check out the Arthood colour mixing chart.


Light sensors on traffic signal boxes control the brightness of the traffic lights, it is important that they are not painted over. The actual sensors can be very small and difficult to locate. We have provided a photograpgh of a light sensor so you know what to look for, you can view the image here.


Please click here to access the painting information sheet which is also enclosed in the Equipment Pack.


Please click here to access the photo tips information document.


- Keep your paint in good condition and prevent the paint from 'skinning' by spraying your palette with a fine mist of water every so often (particularly helpful when people stop to chat to you while you're in the middle of painting).

- If you're using one of the supplied colours directly and not mixing a colour.......pour a small amount into a mixing palette and use from there rather than the large pot to prevent it drying up.

- Keep the lids on the paint pots as much as possible and try to keep them out of direct sunlight.

- If you don't have a vehicle and need to transport the Equipment Pack on public transport or by foot feel free to put the paint and equipment in a market trolley or green shopping bags to transport more easily. We know the black crates are cumbersome but unfortunately they are the only thing that will stand up to all the couriering.

- Expect a lot of interaction, people passing by are usually fascinated and very entertained by your work.

- Try to be as prepared as possible to make the job easy. Once you are all set up - you can't really duck home for a snack. Here are some suggestions. Thanks to those who made these comments...

- Try and park nearby so you dont have to carry your stuff too far BUT don't get a parking ticket!

- Suggestions for extra take along items - paper towel roll, garbage bags, masking tape, chalk, print copies of artwork (we did ours as b&w on a grid system to assist with scale), cling wrap for covering unused paint and wrapping wet brushes that you can take home to wash, plenty of drinking water, snacks and/or a sandwich, a hat and sunscreen and some people even take a sun umbrella (must be tied down to avoid it blowing onto the road and causing an accident).

- Estimated time frame to paint a BOX 5-10 hours.

- Is there a toilet nearby and can somebody mind your gear while you go there?

- You can paint your BOX over a few sessions but pack up completely after each time - don't leave the keyhole protectors on. The blue tac sets hard after while and if the Road tech guys can't get into the cabinets in a hurry they get cranky!

- BOXES located near coffee shops are very good to paint!


Being on the street doing an artwork is an amazing and interesting experience. Most people report: "This is the best fun we've had in a long time!"....." it was a fun and positive experience, but hard work!"......" I had lots of positive comments and people wanting to take photos of me painting."

"Great fun […] The local roadworks guys kept trying to steal my witches hats - ha!"

"I really enjoyed the oppourtunity to paint a BOX, and found the process of painting out in the community a bit more fun than being alone in my studio. It had revitalized my studio work becase I am tking the lesson of "speed painting" back there...-'s good to loosen up...the artwork looks good from the distance of a car, which is the main audience. Lots of positive comments from passers by. The work was pronounced "tops" by someone using the adjacent church hall and "that's art" by a passing driver".

"It is brilliant and I'm really looking forward to doing a another one."

"These projects give primary school children a unique opportunity to exhibit their work in the community. They generate a great sense of pride and care for our local environment."

"Good fun & good for the community."

"It was a thoroughly fun experience and we enjoyed doing something for our local community."

"It is great fun and the public response is good too, even those who get hooted to move on when the lights have changed, sticky beaks!!! Might have to do a design with that in mind. Thanks again for the opportunity."

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