painting a BOX

Who can paint a BOX?

Anyone can apply to paint a BOX - you don't need to be a famous artist. Families, professional or first time artists, school groups, kids or elders can get involved. If you are under 18, a supervising adult must sign in with you.

The requirements for each project can vary but as a rule four essentials are that:

- You must live, work or study in the municipality of the BOX

- You must have your design approved by Urban Smart Projects

- You must abide by the details outlined in the Artist Agreement (which you sign and return before painting your BOX)

- You must use the paint and safety equipment that we provide to you

Please note this is a volunteer project. In return for your efforts you get a high profile canvas in your city. See also "What is provided?" below.

How long does it take?

Process steps and timeframes:

- Allocate a suitably located BOX to yourself - allocation is for usually one month while you work on your design

- Submit your design - generally allow around one week for approval although this can vary project to project

- Set your painting dates and return the signed Artist Agreement - once your design is approved you have around two months to start painting. Please note you will have around two weeks to complete your artwork. Once you have nominated your painting dates we schedule your Equipment Pack delivery and provide an Authority to Paint Notice. Please note that equipment deliveries are done once a week so Agreements that are received after COB Mondays will be delivered the following week.

- Equipment Pack delivery - once you receive your Equipment Pack you have two weeks to implement your artwork and return the Pack. If bad weather stops painting please let us know so we can extend your approved painting dates. It is important to complete the artwork promptly to avoid the possibility of the artwork being tagged while in process.

- Submit photos and provide feedback - upload good quality photos, complete the Feedback Form and return the Equipment Pack. Your artwork will then be published on our website.

General information on designing an artwork for a BOX

Your design needs replicate the dimensions of the BOX you are painting. You will need to paint all the sides of the BOX that are visible and provide a design for each side. Repeating designs on sides of the BOX is OK.

The dimensions for MOST Traffic Signal Boxes (TSBs) are: 140 cm high x 80 cm wide x 42 cm deep. Design templates are downloadable from the artist dashboard but we recommend going to the TSB site and familiarising yourself with your actual TSB.

You can use original artworks that have already been created provided you own the copyright and Intellectual Property of the artworks. You need to name your artwork and write a background statement. You may sign your artwork. Signatures need to be no more than 30cms by 10cms (actual size) on the BOX and may include the copyright sign "(c)".

What designs will be approved?

Designs need to have minimal areas of blank colour to reduce the likelihood of graffiti tagging occurring. Artworks should be brightly coloured and not use too many dark colours as this can cause the BOX to overheat.

Urban Smart Projects acknowledges that everyone relates to his or her community and local surrounds differently. In general designs need to be positive, original and colourful. Specific theming for particular projects may apply; if any theming is applicable it will be emailed to you once you have allocated a BOX. Generally designs must provide meaning to at least one of the following:

- The immediate environment

- The character or culture of the suburb

- The history of the area

- Community pride

Designs will not be approved if they involve:

- A breach of Intellectual Property Rights (somebody else's idea)

- Trademarks, brand or business names, logos or copyrighted images

- Images of a potentially offensive or sensitive nature as determined by Urban Smart Projects

- Images that are political or religious

- Collage or gluing anything onto the BOX

- Images that resemble illegal graffiti or tags

What is provided?

Approved participants are supplied with an Equipment Pack that includes:

- High quality acrylic paint (warm and cool primary colours, black, white and undercoat)

- Safety cones & safety vests

- Drop sheets and rags

- Disposable mixing palettes. Please note we purposely don't supply lids as we can not have paint returned in these containers as it is likely the paint will spill during transit. You may wish to use your own mixing containers that include lids so you can save any colours you have mixed between painting sessions.

- Keyhole and ID plate protectors for the BOX where applicable.

- Saftey information and painting procedures

- Public liabiltiy insurance

What do you need to supply?

- Paint brushes

- Water for cleaning up

- Sun protection i.e long sleeve shirt and pants, wide brimmed hat, closed footwear, sunscreen, sunglasses

- Drinking water and snacks/food

- Basic first aid kit, insect repellent

- Hand trolley if available for the Equipment

- Safety stool or 3 step step ladder if available

Useful tips about the painting experience and extra items that you may find helpful to take with you can be found here.

How long do BOX Artworks last?

BOX artworks last from 6 months to 6 years. Please remember that the BOXES we paint are primarily important road safety equipment and may need to be replaced or removed at any time. Urban Smart Projects has no control over routine or emergency replacements of BOXES.

Great, how do I get started?

Check to see if there are any BOXES available to paint in your area. If there are, go to the ARTIST LOGIN page and register. Once registered please follow the steps outlined on the WEB STEPS page. You’ll need to allocate a BOX to yourself and then start working on your design.

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